First workshop of the Abrahamic Programs in the MENA Region co-organized in Greece by AUI


Al-Akhawayn University in Ifrane, the University of Connecticut in Storrs, CT, USA, and The Forum on Religion & Ecology at Yale University in New Haven, CT, USA, share the common objective of seeking to develop academic cooperation among countries of the MENA region, as well as between these countries and the rest of the world. To further this goal, these institutions have partnered with one another and offered a workshop on Abrahamic Traditions and Environmental Change, in Rhodes, Greece, June 23-26. Given the importance of today’s intertwined dimensions of spirituality, global conflicts, and environmental change, the workshop brought together prominent scholars, practitioners, and thinkers from countries where the three “Religions of the Book” (the Abrahamic Religions) prevail, to debate on current environmental change issues.

This workshop explored how Abrahamic traditions affect how humans perceive and interact with nature, as well as the potential to translate these perceptions and interactions into positive social and ecological actions. The workshop also aims to establish new clusters and research teams to strengthen research networks in the MENA region, build capacity and support long-term academic cooperation, and explore ways by which Abrahamic traditions could and should contribute to understanding and mitigating contemporary environmental change.