6th Annual International Conference on Social Sciences, Migration in Morocco and Beyond: From Local to Global Dynamics


Al Akhawayn university in Ifrane hosted the sixth edition of the Annual Social Sciences Conference on "Migration in Morocco and Beyond: From Local to Global Dynamics," organized in collaboration with the German Konrad Adenauer Stiftung Foundation. This conference shed light on the impact of migration as a global concern throughout history. Participants from around 40 Moroccan and foreign universities were brought together to discuss the matter of migration from the social, economic and political perspective. Social scientists agree that migration is a crucial issue that affects both the world’s identity and its structure.


The world is concerned about migration and Morocco is no exception as it is considered one of the main entry points to Europe through Spain. AUI President Dr. Driss Ouaouicha opened the conference and highlighted the role of Morocco as an African leading country, in addressing the issue and emphasized that it has always been a central theme in many debates. On the other hand, Adenauer Stiftung, Representative of the Konrad Foundation emphasized the role of the foundation in raising awareness on the phenomenon and funding many studies that aim at understanding the multifaceted issue of migration.