The Friends of Migrants project celebrates the end of the Spring 2019 Semester


The Friends of Migrants project celebrated the end of the Spring 2019 semester with a picnic at Ain Vittel. This project brings together AUI/ASI students and a group of migrants living in Meknes. The goal of the project is to foster understanding and friendship between these two groups, which is achieved in part through English and Moroccan Arabic classes designed and delivered by AUI/ASI students. The project, now more than a year old, also coordinates broader support activities such as donation campaigns for migrants in the Fes-Meknes region.


The end-of-year celebration took place on Saturday, April 27, 2019 and involved enjoying a variety of dishes prepared by AUI/ASI students, games, and music/dancing. The project invites current and future AUI/ASI students to participate in Summer and Fall 2019.