AUI Launches the Presidential Internship Program’s 2019-2020 Call for Application



Al Akhawayn University in Ifrane (AUI) launched its Presidential Internship program (PiP) in Fall 2016. The program provides recent graduates from US-accredited, American-style universities an opportunity to learn about Moroccan culture and language, while working at an American-model, liberal arts university.


Interns spend one academic year working at AUI. Each intern is a full-time member of an AUI office that closely aligns with their professional interests. Interns are entitled to enroll in one tuition-free course each semester and are especially encouraged to take language courses. Interns enjoy rent-free housing, a monthly stipend, health insurance, on-campus healthcare, and access to all campus amenities (library, fitness center, shuttles, cafés, etc.).


AUI welcomes PiP applications from candidates from all nationalities and citizenship statuses who have US-style, liberal arts undergraduate degrees. Students who have completed the entirety of their undergraduate educations in Morocco are not eligible to apply.


The AUI Presidential Internship Program will begin with an orientation program in late August/early September 2019. The first day of work will be the start of September and end June 30, 2020. Each intern will undergo an evaluation by their supervisor in late December/early January in order to determine whether their employment contract will continue throughout the year.



AUI is deeply involved in its community and takes pride in its outreach activities. Interns may take advantage of additional time allotted during the workweek for approved community outreach projects, cultural exploration, or personal development. The interest of the intern will determine the activity and type of involvement with the local constituents. Time away from the office will consist of up to four hours per week scheduled regularly with the intern supervisor.



Each semester, interns may take one scheduled, tuition-free course at the AUI. Language courses are encouraged. Interns are also encouraged to partake in special seminars, lectures, and brown-bags, featuring discussions with scholars and community experts on various political, cultural, or social aspects of the MENA region.


2019-2020 OPENINGS





For more information about the AUI Presidential Internship Program, refer to our website at

The 2018-2019 Presidential Intern cohort is happy to answer any questions you have about position descriptions, eligibility, etc. Please direct queries to. Also, feel free to contact the current interns individually for specific questions:

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