AUI Organized a Dissemination Conference on Smart Grid and Grid Integration of Renewable Energy System as part of AT-SGIRES Project



A dissemination event and conference on smart grid was held at AUI on Wednesday, March 13, 2019. Smart grid technologies are becoming more attractive and necessary. The necessity to modernize the grid, especially in the Moroccan context, rises from the fact that Morocco is planning to have 52% of its energy mix from renewable resources by 2030, and to implement energy efficiency measures that would save 15% of energy by 2030. The Advanced Teaching and Training on Smart Grid and Grid Integration of Renewable Energy System (or AT-SGIRES) project consists of raising awareness and building capacity in smart grid for MENA partners.


The conference discussed the project structure and objectives. It also explained to the audience the advantages that students and faculty can benefit from in the context of the project. Besides the trainings that some AUI students have and will benefit from (two graduate students in the SEM program went to the university of Cyprus for a two-week training), the project is developing modules related to Smart grid technologies that will be available on an e-learning platform that all AUI students can access for free. Two more talks were delivered; one on energy efficiency and the other on energy in Morocco. Prospects and challenges were presented by Mr. Lhoussaine Tenghiri and Dr. Khallaayoun Ahmed respectively. More than 100 students and faculty attended the event.


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