Al Akhawayn University in Ifrane - Computer Science: Building for the Future

Computer Science: Building for the Future

TEDxAUI organized its event “Computer Science: Building for the future” on February 19th, 2019. The event involved three guest speakers who tackled, from their distinct perspectives, the topic of computer sciences and how to use it to build a future in: NGOs, Artificial Intelligence, and Competitive Programming.

The first speaker was Leila Karroumi who talked about her learning experience of creating her own NGO titled E-nitiate, which started as a pilot CS summer camp program that sought to introduce high school students from around Morocco to programming. The idea originated from how Karroumi and her fellow co-founders struggled during their first CS course which resulted in them realizing that it would have been easier had they been introduced to programming in high school. After three successful editions, the NGO is still going strong. The floor was then given to Abdelghafour Mourchid, who discussed the topic of Artificial Intelligence and the potential it has to positively impact the future of humanity. In addition to explaining the key terms and concepts in A.I, the speaker introduced many current and future applications for it.

The event concluded with a final talk on competitive programming given by Mohamed Khalil Ait Brahim. The speaker recounted his experience, as both a participant and winner of numerous national and international programming competitions. Later, he provided insight on how to develop programming skills for beginners.