Al Akhawayn University in Ifrane - AUI Students Give Presentation on Morocco's Culinary History in Switzerland

AUI Students Give Presentation on Morocco's Culinary History in Switzerland

AUI has once again displayed its institutional standard of excellence and international reach. From the 31st of October until the 4th of November, two AUI students, Sara El Fatihi and Manal Belcadi, and an AUI Alumna, Marwa Oulad Touimi, presented their research under the supervision of Ms. Afifa El Bayed, a guest lecturer in the School of Humanities and Social Sciences (SHSS), in the European Communication Research and Education Association's conference (ECREA) in Lugano, Switzerland. This was the 7th conference held by the ECREA, which is one of the top three communication science conferences worldwide. Its participants tend to be communication scholars with years of experience, with some exceptions being PhD candidates. The theme of this year's conference was centered around "Centres and Peripheries: Communication, Research, Translation" in communication addressed from a multiplicity of perspectives. 
The students and alumna, under the supervision of Ms. Afifa El Bayed, gave their presentation on "International Communication Exchange and the Heterogenous Disjuncture Shaping Moroccan Culture", on which they also published a paper. Per the abstract of the paper, the research done "...traces the evolution of Moroccan gastronomy throughout history under the influence of cross-cultural interactions. It unearths the communities and cultures intervening in molding the Moroccan cuisine across time until today. It further singles out personal and meditated communication exchanges behind the progression of the Moroccan culinary art." They also presented a poster on "The Developmental Approach Towards Global Cultural Promotion: The Case of North African Moroccan Amazighs."

Ms. El Fatihi, Ms. Belcadi, Ms. Touimi and Ms. El Bayed all represented Al Akhawayn tremendously at the conference, which saw an attendance of more than 1300 international participants this year.