Al Akhawayn University in Ifrane - Presidential Interns Feature Series: LaTonya Jones

Presidential Interns Feature Series: LaTonya Jones


The fourth feature in our Presidential Intern feature series is LaTonya Jones. LaTonya is working in the Office of Internal Audit. She is from Hinesville, Georgia and graduated from Mercer University in Macon, Georgia with a Bachelor’s in Business Administration Economics in 2018.


During the previous Spring semester, LaTonya had to make a choice between doing an internship or studying abroad in order to graduate from her university. She chose to do a semester abroad somewhere, but didn’t want to do Europe because that’s the most common place for Americans to study abroad and she thought it was “overrated”. LaTonya wanted to go somewhere she knew nothing about, and the thought of studying and living somewhere in Africa was appealing to her. Seeing as there were only two partner universities in Africa to choose from, one in South Africa and the other being AUI, she chose AUI because she knew nothing about Morocco and it intrigued her immensely. She wanted to experience true culture shock and ended up loving her experience here. Over the summer she was told about the Presidential Internship Program, and decided to apply to it.


One of LaTonya’s goals during her time here is to help guide her and give her a better understanding of what she would like to do professionally in the future. She wants to develop professionally as much as she can, and take advantage of this opportunity to improve her professional skills as much as possible. She also would like to travel and see as much of Morocco as she can.


After completing this internship at AUI, LaTonya is planning to go back home and work. She’s also looking for work opportunities outside of the US and hopes to find an alternative to going back home for work. LaTonya’s favorite thing about Morocco has been how warm and welcoming the culture and people here are. It’s because of the warm and accepting nature of the culture here that made her enjoy her semester here in the Spring and inspired her to stay here for this internship. One of the things LaTonya wants to accomplish during her time here is to make an impact on her department, as well as the University as a whole, and set a standard of excellence for any incoming interns. She wants her work ethic and accomplishments here to set a high standard to live up to.


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