Presidential Interns Feature Series: Vol. 2


The second of the AUI Presidential Internship Program features is Chris Aboukhaled. Chris is interning in both the Office of the President, and the Department of Development and Communication. He’s from Cleveland, Ohio, and graduated from the University of Akron with a Bachelor’s Degree in Political Science with a focus on the MENA region and Counterterrorism. Prior to receiving his degree in Political Science, Chris received his Associate’s Degree in Electrical Engineering and Technology from Lorain County Community College, but quickly realized his passion was not in studying engineering, but rather in International Relations and in making a positive impact on the region.


Being Lebanese with family still living in the Middle East, Chris was always interested in traveling throughout the Arab world, and Morocco was one of his dream countries to visit. After one of his professors told him about this internship opportunity, he thought it would be a perfect way to live in the region, learn more about the Moroccan culture, expand his knowledge of the Arabic language and its dialects, and experience life in the region he desires to focus his career on.


After completing this internship at AUI, Chris plans to go to graduate school in either Paris, Washington DC, or New York City and get his Master’s in Middle Eastearn Studies/Security Studies. Having previously interned in Rome working with various UN organizations, he sees his future career possibly centered on working with NGO’s and Humanitarian organizations. In addition to working in those fields, he has plans to one day get his PhD in the field, and become a professor so that he can help shape the minds of future students whose interest is in the MENA Region, and to help change their often very westernized and orientalist views of the region.


Follow Chris on Instagram at @ abooouuu