British Ambassador Addresses Stand-Out Students at AUI

“Without education, there is no future. You are the future in this room.” Those were the words spoken by His Excellency Mr. Thomas Reilly, the United Kingdom’s Ambassador to Morocco, at the Fall 2018 AUI President’s List dinner on October 11th. His Excellency Ambassador Reilly was addressing a room of 117 students, 87 female and 30 male, who were being honored for receiving straight A’s or a 4.0 grade point average for the Spring 2018 semester. In addition to HE Ambassador Reilly, AUI President Dr. Driss Ouaouaicha was present at the event.

During his speech, Ambassador Reilly talked about Moroccan-UK relations, Brexit, the possible future changes in the relationship between Morocco and the UK, and gave advice to all of the students on how to navigate through life. His Excellency recalled being offered a high-paying job in Saudi Arabia, but chose rather to work as ambassador. The high salary wasn’t what was important, but continuing to do something beneficial, and helping bring British schools and professors to Morocco was. Regarding this Ambassador Reilly had to say, “It’s very important in life to have a bit of a life plan and not just do the next thing in front of you.”