The Importance of Literacy: Azrou Center Making Strides

On October 10th, the Azrou Center, in collaboration with the Association of the Development of the Middle Atlas (ADMA), hosted the official launching of the Non Formal Education Program (NFE) and a number of literacy programs in the Fez-Meknes region. The choice to hold the event in Azrou was due to the positive results of children who were enrolled in the NFE program at the Fez-Meknes region Azrou Center. In attendance of the official launching was the provincial director of National Education in Ifrane, a representative of the Regional Academ of National Education in Fez-Meknes, and all of the associations working on adult and child literacy in the province.

The attendees visited non-formal education and adult literacy classes, and distributed books and school bags. They then started an official campaign to raise awareness amongst the parents on the importance of enrolling themselves in literacy programs, and of the importance of sending their children back to school or enrolling them in non-formal education classes. The campaign will continue for two weeks, and will reach out to the neighborhoods of the commune of Azrou: Mcharmoul and Tabadlit, the commune of Tigrigra: Ait Tizi, the commune of Sid Elmekhfi: Baqrit, the commune of Bensmim, and the commune of TImehdit.