AUI Awarded A Million Dollar Grant To Welcome 10 Afghan Female Students


Al Akhawayn University in Ifrane won a grant of $1 Million US Dollars from the United States Embassy of Kabul, Afghanistan to recruit and educate ten Afghan female students from rural areas to pursue a Bachelor’s Degree at AUI. The grant is funded by the US Department of State, which trusts AUI to provide the students with a quality of education mirroring that of American universities while developing essential skills for a successful future in their home country.

The grant was written and applied for in May 2018 by Mrs. Amy Fishburn, Senior Director of the Office of International Programs at AUI, with the assistance of previous Presidential Intern in the Office of Institutional Research and Effectiveness, Nanuka Chachibaia, and previous Presidential Intern in the Hilary Clinton Center for Women’s Empowerment, Erin Worden.

Among the elements noted by the Embassy that made AUI a worthy recipient of the grant was the support the University provides for its students. The First Year Experience (FYE), Community Involvement Program (CIP), and Student Activities programs were recognized by the Embassy as notable factors in the decision-making process to select AUI. These support systems help ensure future success, and constructive personal, academic, and career development, leaving a long-lasting positive impact on each student’s life.

Mrs. Fishburn sees this as an opportunity to advance the University’s mission and will be responsible for recruiting the students that will be selected for the program with the approval of the US Embassy in Kabul, who will be working closely with AUI to ensure the program’s success and document the students’ progress throughout the program.