Moroccan Biodiesel Entrepreneur Gives Talk at AUI


On Thursday 27 September 2018, the University was pleased to host a talk given by Mr. Youssef Chaqor, the founder and CEO of Kilimanjaro Environnement. Mr. Chaqor’s company is a Casablanca-based company that specializes in the collection of cooking oil waste and its transformation into biodiesel fuel. During his talk entitled “Biodiesel in Morocco”, Mr. Chaqor, who obtained a degree from Ecole Mohamedia d’Ingénieurs (1998), also shared his knowledge and passion about biodiesel fuel, a green and sustainable second-generation fuel that generates approximately 80% less CO2 emissions.

The industrial engineer shared with great enthusiasm the exciting journey that eventually leads him to operate what is still the only biodiesel company in the country, even ten years after its launch. Kilimanjaro Environnement has received many awards, including the Arabia 500 fastest growing company in Morocco (2012) and Endeavor (2013). It currently has 70 employees, and exports 1500 tons of biodiesel fuel a year, mainly to Spain, Portugal, Italy, and Chile.

The talk was organized in the framework of both the School of Science and Engineering Capstone Guest Speakers’ Series (CGSS’18) and the University Hands-on Multidisciplinary Research course (URP 3377: Sustainability and Biodiesel production from waste chicken fat).

A short video excerpt of the talk can be found here.