Al Akhawayn University in Ifrane - Promising Beginnings: New Students Take Action Cleaning Ifrane's Trails

Promising Beginnings: New Students Take Action Cleaning Ifrane's Trails

For new students at Al Akhawayn University (AUI), no transition is complete without a visit to one of Ifrane’s landmarks: Ain Vittel.


To kick-start the last day of the First-Year Experience Program’s (FYE) New Student Orientation, this year’s cohort of newcomers (320+) were invited on Saturday, September 1st, to visit Ain Vittel. In addition to introducing AUI newcomers to this iconic resort, the FYE program arranged for local members of Ifrane authorities and Les Eaux et Forets to accompany the students on this hike.


Participants were divided into five teams and were led by their mentors. Once in Ain Vittel, experts from Les Eaux et Forets gave presentations to each team about Ain Vittel and Ifrane ecosystems, the environmental challenges the city faces, and the impact that the human ecological footprint has on it.


For two hours hikers proceeded to clean the hiking trail with assistance from city maintenance employees. Students who participated in this socio-environmental action felt proud to have made an, albeit small, impact. Many students expressed their desire to pay this attraction spot a visit in the near future, especially seeing as it is only a twenty-minute walk from the University’s campus.


This is not the first time that the FYE program led such field trips. In Spring 2018, newcomers visited Zaouiat Sidi Abdessalam (7 KM away from Ifrane) to discover the history and customs of the locals there. Those who went also had a chance to learn about the activities that Al Akhawayn Azrou Center runs in Zaouiat Sidi Abdessalam.