Al Akhawayn University in Ifrane - AUI Honors Employees at Annual Staff Appreciation Day

AUI Honors Employees at Annual Staff Appreciation Day

Al Akhawayn staff members gathered at the Auditorium of Building 17, July 25th, for the annual Staff Appreciation Day celebration, organized by the Human Resources Office.  Coming the week after students left for their summer break, the event was a way for the administration to recognize the contributions and hard work of all AUI staff.


“Through your hard work and commitment, our University continues to accomplish great things”, said AUI President Driss Ouaouicha, who presided over the event. President Ouaouicha thanked everyone for their contribution in advancing in the 2015-2020 Strategic Plan and noted six important priorities and improved areas.


More Effective Communication

Communication, which was one of the main challenges of the university, improved during this year. The university became significantly more present in the national media, and increased its presence on social media. Its strategic communication events were also highly attended and well covered by the press. One of the major initiatives undertaken by the University during the current academic year is the institution-wide organization and centralization of policies and procedures. This project, will allow all university stakeholders to have access easily and in a transparent way to all existing policies and procedures enforced at the university.


First-year Experience and Student Orientation

In order to keep improving the quality of education it provides to its students, the University launched last fall the First-Year Experience program, whose objective is to support Freshmen in their transition to the University, and to allow them to adapt smoothly to their new learning environment. The university also decided to limit its growth in terms of number of students in order to keep its identity as a student centered Liberal Arts higher education institution.


Quality Assurance The University obtained the NEASC accreditation, whereas a few weeks earlier, all programs of its School of Science and Engineering had been awarded ABET accreditation, and a few months earlier, the Bachelor’s program of the School of Business Administration saw its EPAS accreditation renewed; launched several new initiatives and was significantly more present in national as well as social media. All these accreditations meant that the quality of education provided to our students was recognized to be of world-class level by international independent agencies.



One of the many consequences of the accreditations obtained by the University and its units during the current academic year is the reinforcement of its international profile. AUI became more competitive in attracting international students, as well as more attractive in attracting international credible partners. The University has also been fully committed to the internationalization of the experience of its students as the number of AUI students spending at least one semester abroad reached 66% among the class of 2017.



The organizational structure of the University makes teamwork important. Good teamwork and effective teams have the ability to improve communication by facilitating open discussion and cooperation among staff/team members, maximize productivity by leveraging each team member's strengths, and act as a support mechanism for all staff. When leveraged, effective teamwork can drive the University’s growth and boost performance and success.


Catering for Millennials

During the current academic year, the university focused on social media marketing and has been present throughout the year in the medium that the millennial generation uses most. “Students are at a time of self-discovery and confusion, and institutions need to adapt to help students fit it and support their needs”, said President Ouaouicha.


The university extended its thanks to employees with the best performance and the most appreciated by their peers. Staff members who had an impact on Class of 2018 according to the graduating cohort, and staff members who retired recently were recognized and honored for their 23 years of service. The recognition ceremony was followed by a group picture for all staff in the open air Roman Theater and an open-air reception in honor for all community members.


Appreciation Award



(First Prize)



(Second Prize)



(Third Prize)


Performance Award



(First Prize)



(Second Prize)



(Third Prize)










Thank you to our staff for your service and dedication to our university. We appreciate the work you do each and every day. You may visit the Staff Appreciation Day Facebook page for a video and picture gallery from this year’s celebration.