Al Akhawayn University in Ifrane - AUI Engineering Students Take Home the Engineering Design Competition

AUI Engineering Students Take Home the Engineering Design Competition


On May 3rd, 2018, Al Akhawayn University in Ifrane (AUI) held the 15th edition of its “AUI Engineering Design Competition”, which aims toward offering students valuable opportunities to apply their skills and unlock their imagination by putting their engineering knowledge to the test and discovering their creative potential. This year’s contest, collaboratively organized by l’École Nationale des Sciences Appliquées (ENSA) of University Sidi Mohamed Ben Abdellah and AUI’s School of Science and Engineering (SSE)—was centered around mechatronics, robotics, and embedded systems.


Since its first year, the competition has always been open to all AUI students having either partially or fully completed the Engineering Instrumentation Course. However, this year’s competition marked the first-ever interuniversity edition, with representation from both AUI and ENSA.


Over the course of the competition, the ten teams—one from AUI, three joint teams from AUI and ENSA, and six solely from ENSA—were asked to construct prototypes whose respective frameworks met the predetermined needs and constraints set by the judges. These prototypes tested the teams’ collaborative problem-solving capabilities, personal leadership, team influence, technical skills in mathematics, science, computers, and research, as well as their ability to design solutions to real-world problems. The teams excelled, demonstrating their vast knowledge of engineering topics, from transportation to safety.


When the teams finished their designs, they were asked to present them in a poster format which was then exhibited to the general public. During this general forum, each team was evaluated by a committee of judges composed of School of Business Administration (SBA), School of Humanities and Social Sciences (SHSS), and SSE professors from both ENSA and AUI. The Committee gauged the students’ breadth and depth on their proposed subjects, subjecting them to in-person interviews.


The poster presentation also provided the students with the opportunity to explain the theoretical components of their prototypes to those seeking to understand their practical applications, such as how they might be applied toward improving the immediate locale. Here again, the teams excelled, demonstrating the depth of their research and passion for their prototypes, all in the hopes of inspiring aspiring first-year engineering students.


At the end of the presentation segment, a jury composed of five experts evaluated the ten exhibits. The competition’s winners were announced at an award ceremony, and the three winning teams received award certificates. AUI is proud to announce that all three winning teams contained AUI students. In first place, was an all-AUI group composed of

Oumaima Lamaakel, Jade EL Haimer, Nizar Sabbar, and Yassine Charouif, whose prototype explored the capabilities of underwater remotely operated vehicle; in second place was the joint AUI-ENSA team composed of Afaf Remani, Widad Yossri, Fatimazahra Alaoui, and Zakiya Driouich, whose prototype explore intelligent parking systems that make use of CAN Bus for Eye-guided car lightning; and in third place was yet another joint AUI-ENSA team composed of Mouna Edkhil, Fatima Zahra Iasse, Fadwa El Baidouri, and Rajae El Mzaiti, whose prototype  explored automatic drip irrigation systems.


AUI would like to give a special thanks to the Embedded Systems Major form ENSA-Fez with its Chair, Dr. Mansouri, for their solid and fruitful collaboration and to all of our colleagues, Jury members, for their valuable participation and their thoughtful evaluation of the 10 participating.


For photos of the competition, click here.