Al Akhawayn University in Ifrane - Fun Run 2018: Hand in Hand Raise Funds for Community Development

Fun Run 2018: Hand in Hand Raise Funds for Community Development

Al Akhawayn University in Ifrane’s (AUI) “Fun Run”—which took place on March 31st—is a long established annual event brimming with activities. Hosted and organized by one of the University’s largest clubs—Hand in Hand—the Fun Run combines sporting events with artistic performances, espousing a notion of scholastic solidarity to show that AUI students are invested in the well-being of the region they call home for four or more years.


Hand in Hand was founded in 1997 by Prince Moulay Ismail—an AUI alumnus—with the intention of promoting scholasticism and contributing to the improvement of the underprivileged people’s living conditions throughout the rural Ifrane region.


The Fun Run activities were numerous and diverse; over the course of the day, students were able to participate in a kermess (a themed charity fair whose main attraction is its famed raffle), a marathon (which features all sorts of runners, from small children, to AUI faculty and staff), a luncheon (providing a variety of traditional foods set to a melodious Andalusian backdrop), and a concluding gala (which featured such artists as Rim K and Eko).


The event was also a chance for Hand in Hand to raise the funds necessary to financing the projects they organize over the course of the academic year, all of which are geared towards community development. These beneficial projects include equipping local schools with heating and electricity and organized donations—such as backpacks, building schools, the creation of cooperatives (like “Khbizat al Atlas”), and organizing campaigns whose aim is to benefit by providing locals with medicine. This particular iteration of the Fun Run was aimed towards providing aid to Dar Taliba and Dar Talib projects in the region, and installing a new lab in a local school.


In addition to a large number of students, faculty, staff, and locals, were such notable persons as AUI President, the Governor, and the Director of Education in Ifrane.