AUI Lions Score High On All Fronts


The Atlas 7 Hat is an Ultimate Frisbee tournament hosted by “Ultimate Frisbee Casablanca”. As the first and only Moroccan national Frisbee competition, the Atlas 7 Hat attempts to foster an air of professionalism rivaled only by the enthusiasm it asks participants to bring onto the field. This year’s tournament welcomed teams from across ten Moroccan cities and pitted them against one another in order to test their mettle.


Amidst the fierce competition found on the field, the AUI Lions prevailed, showing not only that they possess the best team in the nation, but also the best players. Other than taking home the gold, multiple student-athletes were rewarded for their excellent sportsmanship. Yasser Bellkouch was awarded the MVP trophy and was named the best striker in Morocco, while Captain Salaheddine Berrakhla was named second best. Samraa Ainoa Ratto Hilali was given a disk for her Fairplay and was named both the eighth-best catcher and the 4th most precise in the entire nation. Others include Ayman Sellak (“Bulletproof” and 9th best catcher), Youness Ayyada (9th best handler), Amine Lebbar (3rd best catcher), Anasse Derfaoui (6th best handler), and Meryem El Mouhib (23rd best catcher).


Despite the Lions’ victory, all the participants seem to have walked away content—or to at least have enjoyed a good day on the field—and hope that this isn’t the ultimate Ultimate Frisbee Casablanca.