Brown Bag Series: Joseph Eric Massey presents his project entitled “21st Century Expatriates”


In the most recent iteration of the faculty “Brown Bag Series”, Joseph Eric Massey, Assistant Professor in the School of Business Administration, presented his ongoing project entitled “21st Century Expatriates”.

Professor Massey, who has worked as an expatriate in multiple countries, defines the process and the project as follows:

“Expatriates are persons who live and work for extended periods of time in foreign countries. In the current investigation, the changing nature of expatriate life in the 21st century was examined. Specifically, the use of smartphone technology and its effects on expatriate adaptation was analyzed. Additionally, expatriates and their assignments were investigated for possible changes as well.  The findings demonstrate that (1) smartphone use positively impacts adjustment, (2) expatriate assignments tend to be shorter in duration than in the past, (3) there are more female expatriate than before, and (4) expatriates continue to self-initiate in the 21st century.”

In the long run, Professor Massey plans to turn his project into the first chapter of a collaborative work that will cover the myriad facets and intricacies of expatriate life. “The plan”, as he puts it,

“…is to invite scholars interested in expatriates to write a chapter for the book. Potential topics include the impact of technology, shorter travel times for international flights/destinations, demographics (including women, singles, LGBTQ, generations (Gen X, Gen Y [millennials], and possibly predictions about Gen Z, the oldest of which are now turning 18), purpose of expatriation (not just for-profit business, but also for non-profit, NGO, religious missions, health care, Peace Corps, Medicins San Frontiers, etc.).”

The faculty “Brown Bag Series” is, as always, a staff-only presentation—though all employed personnel is welcome—whose aim is to promote an intellectual space where faculty can discuss their current projects with their colleagues in exchange for thoughtful feedback. The next iteration of the series will take place Thursday, October 26th from 12h30 to 14h00, and will feature Professor Naziha Houki’s project entitled “The Justice and Development Party's Digital Communication: A Framework for Active Political Participation Through Social Media”.