Presidential Lecture: “Scientific Research: From the Laboratory to the Plant” by Professor Adnane Remmal


During the Presidential Lecture held on Thursday, October 19th at Al Akhawayn University in Ifrane, Professor Adnane Remmal inspired students and young researchers to pursue careers in applied research with impact on both Morocco and the greater African continent. During ninety minutes, Professor Remmal shared his thirty-year career in Applied Sciences where he presented and discussed his major discoveries, while emphasizing on the challenges and obstacles he had to overcome along his road to success.

Over the course of the conference, Professor Remmal spoke about virulent, antibiotic resistant strains and the innovative strategies he had to develop. He used that as a proof of concept to showcase the scientific approach in conducting simple, efficient, and impact prioritizing research. The audience was also able to benefit from Professor Remmal’s expertise in patenting and entrepreneurship.

Worth mentioning that, through his discoveries, Professor Remmal won the African Innovation Prize in 2015, the European Inventor Prize from the WIPO in 2017, and above all, the Royal Decoration in July 2017.