HCC Scholar in Residence (2014-5) Launches Newly Released Book, Women Judges in the Muslim World: A Comparative Study of Discourse and Practice (Brill, 2017)

Dr. Nadia Sonneveld returned to Ifrane on October 16, 2017 to share her newly published book with the AUI community. Over 50 students, staff, and professors attended the book launch at AUI’s Mohammed VI Library.

The book, Women Judges in the Muslim World: A Comparative Study of Discourse and Practice, focuses on Islamic family law and incorporates research that Dr. Sonneveld conducted as the Hillary Clinton Center Scholar in Residence in 2014-2015. During her residency, she conducted on-site interviews with 25 female judges and 36 male judges in the Middle Atlas Mountains. These interviews grounded Dr. Sonneveld’s comparative study investigating the legal interpretation and decision differences between female and male judges in family law cases. Female judges comprise about 25% of Morocco’s judge population, making the kingdom particularly relevant to her research. Dr. Sonneveld’s study is one of the first and few scholarly explorations of female judges in the region.

An expert in shari’a-based family law, Dr. Sonneveld has published extensively on family law among Muslim-majority populations from Fes to Jakarta and Cairo to Lahore. Dr. Sonneveld has also authored Khul’ Divorce in Egypt: Public Debates, Judicial Practice, and Everyday Life (2012).

Dr. Sonneveld is currently a researcher on gender and law in the Muslim world at the Centre for Migration Law at Radboud University in Nijmegen, the Netherlands.