Al Akhawayn University in Ifrane - No Violence Awareness Day

No Violence Awareness Day

The No Violence Alliance's (NoVA)  "No Violence Awareness Day" was a great success, bringing together numerous students to learn about sexual violence and human rights both in Morocco, as well as the wider world. NoVADay, a bi-annual occurrence, aims to heighten awareness around sexual violence, and encourages individual responsibility within the AUI community. This semester, the event featured a multitude of activities, including tie-dye and barbecue, self-defense, in-depth discussions on sexual harassment, and an open mic.

Perhaps the group's most visible event was the "NoVA Fair", which took place outside of Building 3. Here volunteers came together with NoVA staff to teach passersby about feminism and the gender gap. They emphasized this initiative via a social media campaign using the slogan "I need feminism because" in order to coax students from all walks of life to demonstrate how feminism has shaped their respective lives, and how they would like it to continue to do so. Of the many personnel who attended the event, NoVA also saw AUI President Driss Ouaouicha—who sponsored the event—spend some time on the premises. At the behest of one of the volunteers, President Ouaouicha told NoVA why he thinks the world needs feminism, echoing Sarah Moore Grimké and Angelina Grimké Wald’s popular phrase, “women’s rights are human rights”.