Ambassador Syamsuri Delivers Presidential Lecture on Indonesia Day

As part of Al Akhawayn's Indonesia Day, Ambassador Syarief Syamsuri of the Indonesian Embassy in Rabat delivered a Presidential Lecture entitled: “Indonesia and Morocco Bilateral Relations.” In his lecture, Ambassador Syamsuri spoke about the efforts made by the Indonesian Embassy since its establishment in 1960 to improve relations with Morocco. These efforts have been primarily focused upon enhancing the diplomatic, economic, and sociocultural interactions between the two countries.

Ambassador Syamsuri stated that diplomatic relations between Indonesia and Morocco began shortly after Morocco’s independence in 1956, symbolized by the reciprocal visits of high dignitaries between both countries. Indonesia and Morocco made further strides to solidify their partnership when both countries signed the Reciprocal Support Arrangement (RSA), which solidified the active support of each country for the other in various international organizations.

Trade represents a strong point of connection between Morocco and Indonesia, despite their relative distance and the difficulties that arise from product exchange based on their geographic locations. Ambassador Syamsuri noted that reports from 2016 indicated that $157,948,900 of bilateral trade occurred between Indonesia and Morocco, with Indonesia exporting mostly coffee, natural rubber, palm oil, and spices to Morocco and importing Moroccan phosphate products, argan oil, steel rods, and olive oil.

In his current position, Ambassador Syamsuri has established a working group, composed of Indonesian Embassy representatives and members of the Moroccan Ministries of Industry, Trade, Investment, and the Digital Economy, in order to explore and identify products to be utilized in the future for direct import and export between the two countries. He has also worked to encourage tourism between Morocco and Indonesia, as their bilateral partnership allows for visitors to travel to and from each country without needing a visa. Additionally, Ambassador Syamsuri has worked with the Moroccan government to put an end to underage Indonesian domestic workers entering Morocco, to stop human trafficking, and to combat terrorism.

Ambassador Syamsuri concluded his lecture by discussing the socio cultural relations between Morocco and Indonesia, manifested by sister cities in both countries and other opportunities for collaboration, cooperation, and cultural exchange. He emphasized the potential for future interactions between Moroccan and Indonesians, through both educational and social platforms.

Ambassador Syamsuri’s lecture cemented the bond between Morocco and Indonesia and illuminated the efforts made by his embassy to improve to this diplomatic relationship. Indonesia Day at AUI supported Ambassador Syamsuri's directive, providing community members the opportunity to engage with Indonesian culture and people, while learning more about this significant ally.