AUI’s SSE Team Qualifies for ROV Arab Regional Competition

Al Akhawayn University’s SSE Team, Optimus SAMOY, successfully built a Remotely Operated Vehicle (ROV) that qualified them to participate in the ROV Arab Regional Competition. This competition will be held at the Arab Academy for Science Technology & Maritime Transport (AASTMT), in Alexandria, Egypt, during April 6-8, 2017.


The ROV designed by this group of SSE students attained the qualifications to compete on the regional level through successfully achieving specific mission tasks underwater. The purpose of this competition is to provide students of all age levels of education with valuable experience in the development and operation of remotely operated vehicles. ROVs are utilized currently in various industries that need to perform specialized tasks underwater, including oil and gas industries, commercial shipping, salvage, ship husbandry, potable water, ocean engineering, video production, and underwater scientific research.


Lead by Oumaima Lamaakel, the team leader and pilot of the ROV, the Optimus SAMOY team consists of five members with complementary roles. In the qualification competition, Oumaima Lamaakel controlled the underwater robot in the undertaking of competition challenges. Kaiss Bouali worked as co-pilot and controlled the underwater gripper of the ROV. Ayoub Makroz functioned as group mathematician and generated the maps and calculations for the ROV missions within the competition. Mohammed Tahri Sqalli and Souhail Meftah operated as the tether men of the team, with Mohammed in charge of controlling the tether when the ROV was submerged, and Souhail responsible for rescuing the ROV in the case of an accident underwater.


Following their attendance at the ROV Camp last summer at ASSTMT in Alexandria, Egypt, the team began the design phase for their ROV in the fall. In order to create their robot, the team developed partnerships with two company sponsors: Nextronic and Fablab. These companies generously offered materials and manufacturing tools to the SSE students for their endeavors. Their assistance contributed to the success of the team at this level of the competition. If they accomplish the tasks presented at the Arab Regional Competition, Team Optimus SAMOY will continue onto the international level of competition.


In addition to her role as team leader, Oumaima Lamaakel has been selected as ROV Ambassador for Morocco. In this role, she will actively work to raise awareness in the country about the opportunities of ROV development and will encourage university engineering students to create their own teams and join ROV community. Oumaima Lamaakel will promote students to apply their technical knowledge and develop their problem-solving skills in tackling real-world complex missions through the ROV competition.


To learn more about the competition mission requirements and organization, please click on the following link: