NoVA Adresses Relationships on International Women's Day

The AUI No Violence Alliance (NoVA) celebrated International Women’s Day through a series of activities and exhibitions to raise awareness of violence in relationships. NoVA recognizes that education which addresses the signs, forms, and means of preventing and stopping violence is essential to the wellbeing of students. In a country where 63% of women have suffered from an act of violence in the past year1, NoVA’s mission is especially relevant on International Women’s Day. NoVA sees education for students as a crucial step to stopping violence.


In this effort to spread awareness and education, NoVA placed a focus on relationships. The organization conducted a “Relationship Game,” with help from the drama club, wherein students acted out various skits that addressed violence. Each skit portrayed a different scenario, and 4 teams of students attempted to guess what interaction was occurring in the situation and what they would recommend as the best way to deal with it. The winning team received vouchers to the AUI alumnus-owned Bonsai restaurant.



In addition to this event, NoVA hosted a Q&A session to allow students the opportunity to ask questions about relationships to Counselor Maurice Venables. Dr. Duncan Rinehard and Dr. Asmaa Hilali also facilitated a discussion accompanying the Ted Talk titled “A Rape Survivor and a Rapist Talk” for students to analyze the various emotional, mental, and physical impacts of rape. NoVA incorporated the contributions of other organizations on campus in their No Violence Awareness Day: The Relationship Road Edition. Rhythm Unity gave multiple performances and Amnesty International Club arranged a photo action. All of these events highlight the impact of violence in our society and the opportunity individuals have to make a change.