Al Akhawayn University in Ifrane - Al Akhawayn Alumni Association Announces 2011 Board of Directors

Al Akhawayn Alumni Association Announces 2011 Board of Directors

Casablanca, January 26, 2011 – The Al Akhawayn University Alumni Association has announced a new Board of Directors for 2011, named following the recent elections on January 22. The composition of the 2001 board represents continuity and stability for the association, while also introducing a number of new alumni to the association’s leadership. 

Khalid Baddou (Class of 2001) was re-elected as President for 2011, as were Senior Vice Presidents Hind Sabiry (Class of 1999) and Khadija Idrissi Janati (Class of 2004). The presidential responsibilities will be split during the current 3-year term, with Baddou and Sabiry alternating as President.

Ayoub Youssefi (Class of 2005) will serve as Vice President in charge of Alumni Affairs, Amine Benmoussa (Classes of 2001 and 2004) will be Vice President in charge of Partnerships, and Imane Amzil (Class of 2009) will be Vice President in charge of Human Resources. 

Fatima Zahra Daraoui (Class of 2010) was elected to serve as General Secretary in charge of Student Affairs, and Oussama Sefrioui (Class of 2003) will be the association’s Treasurer in charge of Social Responsibility. 

In addition to the makeup of the 2011 board, the Alumni Association announced the composition of its Board of Advisors, a permanent body created in the recently revised constitution of the association and intended to provide guidance and support to the Alumni Association in its continuing growth and development. 

The Board of Advisors consists of statutory and elected members in various capacities. They include Dr. Driss Ouaouicha, President of Al Akhawayn University; Simon O’Rourke, Director of Development and Communication of Al Akhawayn University; Salim Zekri (Class of 1999), former Alumni Association President; Youssef Ittobane (Class of 2003), former Alumni Association President; Charif Houachmi (Class of 2000), former Alumni Association Vice President (elected); Youssef Benslim (Class of 1999), Former Alumni Association General Secretary (elected); Yassine El Mahdi (Classes of 2001 and 2005), former Alumni Association Treasurer (elected); and Hamza Boulifa (Class of 2011), President of the Al Akhawayn University Student Government Association (Observer). 

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