Al Akhawayn University in Ifrane - Two AUI Students Win National Competition

Two AUI Students Win National Competition

Salamat Mohamed Ayman (14) and Sadak Anas (14) won  the “View Univers” competition on Monday 16th of June 2014.


" Faculté des Sciences de Rabat", organized the “view universe” competition in collaboration with the Alumni association of the "Master en Informatique Appliquée au Développement Offshore", and the Canadian giant company specialized in Offshoring Development "CGI" .


The competition lasted three days (from Friday 13th to Sunday 14th) and to which students from many Moroccan universities and grad schools participated including FSR, EMSI, ENSIAS, and others, saw the team of Al Akhawayn University rank first.


The solution offered by the team was developed according to a clear Software Engineering process and included well designed documentation. The solution was deployed on Google Cloud. Professor Mohamed Riduan Abid Assistant Professor of Computer Science (SSE School) has been supervising the two students over the past semesters for cloud computing and cloud development.


The spokesman of the Minister of Industry was present at the closing ceremony to give prizes to the winning students.