Al Akhawayn School of Science and Engineering Launches a Center for Learning Excellence



Ifrane, October 12, 2012 – Al Akhawayn School of Science and Engineering established the Center for Leaning Excellence (CLE) on October 9, 2012, to help freshmen in engineering develop their study skill.

Al Akhawayn President, officials, and the School of Science and Engineering Dean and faculty celebrated the opening of the new center, which offers tutoring and mentoring services. 

“Regular attendance at the CLE will help students better prepare for upcoming tests and exams,” said Mhamed Chraibi, Adjunct Professor of Computer Science at Al Akhawayn,. 

The Center for Learning Excellence at the School of Science and Engineering aims at helping engineering students learn how to better study and prepare for different courses, and get on the right track to success and excellence. To achieve this, the CLE offers a carefully devised set of complementary services that address the academic needs of freshmen.  

“CLE services will systematically assist students so they can achieve their academic goals and reach their full potential as individuals,” said Ahmed Khallaayoun, Assistant Professor of Engineering.

Tutoring and Mentoring services at the CLE are essential services for students to build their technical skills in mathematics and computer science courses, as well as to learn skills such as time and stress management. 

The CLE tutors and mentors have been selected among the best junior and sophomore students on campus. They have excellent academic records and have been trained in tutoring and mentoring. 

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