Experts Revise International Relations Theories for a New Textbook



Ifrane, October 8, 2012 –Al Akhawayn faculty and students from the School of Humanities and Social Sciences met, on October 2-3, 2012, with international faculty in a workshop aimed at producing an international relations theory textbook for students in the global south.

 “The project idea stemmed from the fact that students at Al Akhawayn as well as in many other universities in the global south complain about textbooks used in the classroom,” said Nizar Messari, Dean of Al Akhawayn University School of Humanities and Social Sciences. “Students often say that those books talk about a different reality than theirs. They might find the ideas and concepts very interesting, but they do not relate to them. Through this project, we intend to write a textbook that would cater to the academic and professional needs of these students.”

The workshop themed “International Relations Theory: Views Beyond the West” brought together scholars from different parts of the world. Experts came from Brazil, Colombia, India, South Africa, Turkey, and the US to discuss an array of topics, such as Order and Institutions, Dialogic, Foreign Policy, Sovereignty and the State, War and Conflict, and more.

The prospective textbook now has an outline, and the experts working on the project will soon submit final drafts of its chapters. According to Messari, Al Akhawayn faculty might assign to their students this textbook for class reading. The contributions of faculty, students, and staff during the workshop came as questions, observations, and constructive critiques; and have set the basis for a deeper insight into the reader demands the textbook will be answering. 

Funding for the International Relations Theory workshop was offered by the Office of Al Akhawayn Vice President for Academic Affairs in 2011.