Al Akhawayn University in Ifrane - Al Akhawayn University Alumni Association Organizes the 2012 Ftour Debate on the Moroccan Educational System

Al Akhawayn University Alumni Association Organizes the 2012 Ftour Debate on the Moroccan Educational System


Ifrane, August 07, 2012 - Around 120 Al Akhawayn University alumni and guests from the educational field attended the 9th annual "Ftour Débat", organized by the Alumni Association the evening of August 06, 2012. 

This year’s topic was "Primary and Secondary Educational Systems: Structural Reforms to Support the Economic and Human Development,” with guest speakers Nourreddine Ayouch, President of Shem's and Founder of the Zakoura Foundation, Said Hanchane, General Director of the “Instance Nationale de l'Evaluation” (INE) and Jamal Eddine Tebbaa, University Professor, Managing Director, at the “Ecole Supérieure de Gestion” (ESG) in Casablanca. 

The debate was moderated by Jalal Charaf, honorary member of the Alumni Association. In the different presentations, Hanchane suggested to improve the educational system in Morocco through the abandonment of a one-size-fit-all model of secondary school and to opt for professional training to give each student a chance to integrate college. 

Ayouch started his presentation by asking the ground-breaking question: “education is expensive, but do you know the price of ignorance?” Ayouch added that the educational field in Morocco is weak and this is related to the teachers’ situation. In fact, today, teachers are no more recognized and respected for their noble job of teaching. Ayouch said that teachers are almost forced to tutor students after class to secure the necessary financial income for a decent living. Therefore teachers’ situation is a key factor for the success of the educational system. Ayouch advocates the privatization of the educational system by instituting contracts with teachers for a specific region or area. In addition to that, Ayouch was convinced that the Turkish educational model is effective and Morocco should follow it. Then, Ayouch concluded his presentation by numerous propositions for the educational system in Morocco by starting at the preschool level through the endorsement of innovative spirit, performance spirit, initiating entrepreneurship spirit and more arts classes. 

For Hind Sabiry, the President of the Alumni Association, the “Ftour Debat” event is an opportunity to create a debate around a major issue that is key in the development of Morocco. She added that this year’s “Ftour Débat” marks 9 years of debate on challenging issues facing Morocco. 

The Al Akhawayn University Alumni Association represents the nearly 2,800 graduates of the University, and organizes dozens of gatherings throughout the year to connect alumni with each other, provide networking opportunities while enriching key national debates on topics of current interest, and to advance and support the mission of Al Akhawayn University.