Al Akhawayn University Hosts “"Pedagogical University"” Workshop



Ifrane, June 25, 2012 – The Ministry of National Education and the United States Agency for International Development (USAID) hold the first session of the Pedagogical University for new teacher-trainers of Regional Centers for Education and Training Careers on June 25-27, 2012 at Al Akhawayn University. 

“We have a good and exemplary partnership with the Ministry of National Education and Al Akhawayn University in this field,” said Grace Lang, Director of Youth and Human Development Program at USAID, Morocco. “We support the emergence of this wonderful concept of the “Pedagogical University” and we will continue contributing to the implementation of the reform of training in continuing education in Morocco.”

The Pedagogical University is an initiative of the Central Unit for Professional Training at the Ministry of National Education. It is implemented with the support of the USAID-funded ITQANE project which aims at improving training for the promotion of quality education. The Pedagogical University aims to provide participants with the opportunity to improve their teaching skills in the field of initial teacher training. It is also an opportunity for them to exchange expertise and enhance their knowledge and skills in areas relevant to initial and continuing training. 

Present at the opening session of the workshop were Grace Lang, Director of Youth and Human Development Program at USAID, Morocco; Christina N’Tchougan-Sounou, Director of ITQANE project; Mohammed Dali, Director of the Central Unit of Continuing Education at the Ministry of National Education; Abderrahmane Rami, an expert in education, and a hundred participants from different Regional Centers for Education and Training Careers.

“This initiative supports a mission which is difficult and noble at the same time,” said Cherif Bel Fekih, Vice President for Student Affairs and Interim Director for Development and Communication, in his welcoming address at the opening session. “We hope our University and the workshop series better help achieve the mission of this program and allow other trainers and students good  transfer of knowledge and competencies.”

The Pedagogical University will be held in three sessions between June and December 2012 in favor of a total of 360 teacher-trainers among new recruits at the Regional Centers for Careers of Education and Training.

The ITQANE project  is a cooperation project implemented under the partnership of the Ministry of Education and the USAID. Its objective is to help strengthen the skills of education staff, and to improve the quality of learning.