Al Akhawayn University in Ifrane - Al Akhawayn Celebrates 319 Graduates

Al Akhawayn Celebrates 319 Graduates


Ifrane, June 19, 2012 - Al Akhawayn University awarded degrees to 319 students, members of Class of 2012, during the 15th Commencement on Saturday, June 16, 2012 at Al Akhawayn campus in Ifrane.

Al Akhawayn's Class of 2012 includes 255 undergraduates and 64 graduates from Al Akhawayn's three schools: Business Administration, Humanities and Social Sciences, and Science and Engineering. This year, 65% of the undergraduates and 56% of the graduates are females. Three Valedictorians, students who earned the best GPA results in each School, were celebrated on stage:  Naoufal Loukane from the School of Business Administration, Soufiane Aqachmar and Wassim Benhallam from the School of Science and Engineering, and Lamia Bazir from the School of Humanities and Social Sciences.

All over the campus of Ifrane, about 2,000 students and guests attended the ceremony to commemorate the hard work and accomplishments of the Class of 2012.

Al Akhawayn's 15th Commencement marks 15 years of significant presence of Al Akhawayn University in the job market through its graduates. The 15th graduating class is a milestone in the University's young history, marking a beginning to further success in the years ahead. 

On the stage at the June 16 ceremony, famous international actor and screenwriter Said Taghmaoui delivered the Commencement address before the largest graduating class in University history. 

“Culture is one of the complementary components of education," said Taghmaoui. "It plays a key role in the development and success of individuals.” Taghmaoui called the graduates to spare no effort in worthily representing their country and contributing to its development.

Many Al Akhawayn University faculty, officers, and staff were present as well to celebrate the students’ achievements. Informal gatherings of students, friends, and families on campus lasted the whole day, which ended with a large reception with traditional singers and dancers. 

President Driss Ouaouicha commended the hard work of the students. “Always remember that no one succeeds alone," said President Ouaouicha. "Your outstanding achievements today could not have taken place without a number of people’s contributions. May they all find here the expression of my deep gratitude for any role they played, which has contributed to giving us today the opportunity to celebrate together your achievement, your success.” 

Voted Class Representative by members of Class of 2012, Communication graduate Lamia Bazir (’12) delivered  an inspiring speech before graduates, alumni, parents, family, and friends. Bazir reflected on student experiences at Al Akhawayn, recalled memories, and called her mates to believe in themselves. 

“We are all potential heroes,” said Bazir. “If a door closes, be ready to open another one. Never let your will vanish in disappointment or regrets whether for job, education or love... Success is self-achievement. Stand out for what is right, correct what is wrong: do not just be indifferent.” "Al Akhawayn has trained you to never be indifferent. When you live 20 minutes away from people who still undergo the risk of freezing to death, and where women must wait for hours to get to hospital to give birth. Indifference is not an option" added Bazir.

As part of Al Akhawayn University's continuing efforts to recognize excellence throughout its community, the University honored the Class of 2012 Faculty Favorites during this year's Commencement. Faculty members from each of the three Schools were voted for by the Class graduates as faculty the most positive impact on members of the Class of 2012 during their academic journey at Al Akhawayn. The winners of this year were Hassan Darhmaoui, faculty at the School of Science and Engineering, Bouziane Zaid, faculty at the School of Humanities and Social Sciences, and Abderrahman Hassi, faculty at the School of Business Administration. 

The 15th Commencement was also a moment to honor outstanding achievements by graduates among the Class of 2012, as well as current students. Students Rahima Nouass (’13),  Fatima Zahrae Nouass (’14), and Amine Kouam ('13) received certificates of recognition for respectively winning the gold medal in under 68 KG karate, the bronze medal in plus 68 KG karate, and the bronze medal in 50 meters back stroke swimming at the 2011 Pan Arab Games in Doha, Qatar. Students Wassim Benhallam (‘12), Ali Elouafiq (‘12), and Ayoub Khobalatte (‘12) were also awarded for winning the first prize at the 2012Moroccan Innovation in Information Technology (Innov'IT 2012) contest.

The Class of 2012, as the previous fourteen Al Akhawayn classes, have benefited from a unique educational model in Morocco based on the liberal arts curriculum. The North American educational system offers the possibility to each student to start with a core curriculum program and then opt for a specific major and minor. The system thus gives each student a thorough education that allows for  better integration in the job market. In general, over 80% of students at Al Akhawayn University have successfully joined the job market or continued their higher education studies in Morocco or abroad. In the professional world, Al Akhawayn University students are highly demanded by both public and private companies and work either in communications, media, technology, finances, marketing, non-governmental organizations and others.