Al Akhawayn Students Explore New Cultures Through Educational Trips



Ifrane, June 5, 2012 – A group of Al Akhawayn Humanties and Social Sciences students and faculty visited Istanbul, Turkey on May 19-30, 2012 in a field trip. 

Part of the International Field Seminar course offered for the second time at the School of Humanities and Social Sciences, this semester course was on Turkish history and culture with a focus on Istanbul, Bursa, Edirne, and Iznik (Nicaea). This field seminar to Turkey involved 6 full-time Al Akhawayn University students and 1 international transient student to who spent spend eleven days in Turkey as part of our the university's Liberal Arts program.    

This course is designed to give students firsthand field experience of major issues in the Humanities and Social Sciences. Each field seminar focuses on a specific foreign city, region or country. The course begins as a series of lectures and workshops during a regular semester (Fall or Spring) and culminates in a 9-12 day field trip during the subsequent inter-semester break (winter break or May break), during which Al Akhawayn faculty and/or local experts give presentations on selected topics. Topics covered vary according to the destination, but include issues such as economic and social conditions, political systems and processes, community affairs, environmental issues, development, tourism, international law, and culture and the arts. Students write a number of response papers during the semester, prepare a project or research proposal prior to the trip, and submit a research or project report upon returning from it.