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Sudan Delegation Attends Workshop on Technopole Creation at Al Akhawayn

 Ifrane, March 7, 2012 – A team of 12 scholars from Oumdurman Islamic University and University of Khartoum, both in Sudan, arrived on March 5, 2012 at Al Akhawayn University in order to attend a one-week workshop on ...Read more

New Initiative Gives Students Tools to Land a Successful Job

  Ifrane, March 5, 2012 – About 40 Al Akhawayn students spent last weekend learning the tools to get hired in the Mock Interview Days organized by Al Akhawayn Career Services, which has started 2012 with an ambitious...Read more

Al Akhawayn's Hybrid Car Prototype Unveiled

Ifrane, February 23, 2012 – After only two days of manufacturing and assembly, Al Akhawayn University finally unveiled on Monday, February 21, 2012, its first domestically manufactured hybrid car. Initiated by the Main...Read more

Al Akhawayn Students Explore Einstein's Relativity through a Different Lens

 Ifrane, February 15, 2012 – Professor Ahmad A. Hujeirat from the University of Basel, Germany, gave a talk entitled “Is Einstein’s General Relativity the Ultimate Theory in Astrophysics and Cosmology?” to a ful...Read more

Al Akhawayn Student Athlete Thrives in National Swimming Championship

Ifrane, February 9, 2012 – With an impressive track record in national and international swimming competitions, Al Akhawayn student-athlete Amine Kouame (‘13) has set four national records in Morocco's Winter Swimmin...Read more