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Presidential Interns Feature Series: Sinclair Barbehenn

Meet our Presidential Interns! Each year we welcome a new cohort of recent graduates to Al Akhawayn’s community. They bring unique experiences, educational backgrounds, and skills to their work in departments through...Read more

Competing to promote learning: students’ perspective

On Tuesday, November 28th, 2019, Al Akhawayn School of Humanities and Social Sciences organized its Public Speaking contest. The event lasted 1 hour and 30 minutes, with the presence of Jury members, Dr. Latifa El Mortaj...Read more

SGA Successfully Transitions to New Student Leadership

 AUI’s Student Government Association successfully completed the transition process to the next board of 2020 through the farewell and transition ceremony organized Wednesday, December 11th. Students, faculty, staff, ...Read more

AUI Recognizes Authors of Arabic Childrens’ Stories

 Ifrane, December 5, 2019 – Al Akhawayn University School of Humanities and Social Sciences organized  a contest for writing stories of children in Arabic and presented contestants with awards on December 4th. ...Read more

Entrepreneurship Students Invest in AUI and the Ifrane Community

On December 5, a team of students in the School of Business Administration's Entrepreneurship class (MGT3302) planted over 30 olive trees near AUI's swimming pool. Every semester, teams of students in this class start an...Read more