Al Akhawayn News

Presidential Lecture: “Scientific Research: From the Laboratory to the Plant” by Professor Adnane Remmal

During the Presidential Lecture held on Thursday, October 19th at Al Akhawayn University in Ifrane, Professor Adnane Remmal inspired students and young researchers to pursue careers in applied research with impact on bot...Read more

HCC Scholar in Residence (2014-5) Launches Newly Released Book, Women Judges in the Muslim World: A Comparative Study of Discourse and Practice (Brill, 2017)

Dr. Nadia Sonneveld returned to Ifrane on October 16, 2017 to share her newly published book with the AUI community. Over 50 students, staff, and professors attended the book launch at AUI’s Mohammed VI Library.The boo...Read more

Theatre for Social Change

The recent symposium, entitled “Theatre for Social Change”, was held at Al Akhawayn University from October 4th to 5th 2017 with the aim of exploring the ways in which creative expression—and theatre in particular...Read more

Programmed to Win: AUI codenaisseurs hope to take the gold four years running

0s and 1s are no joke. That’s why the Al Akhawayn School of Science and Engineering (SSE) is proud to announce the list of teams who qualified to represent AUI at the Moroccan Collegiate Programming Contest (MCPC) th...Read more

No Violence Awareness Day

The No Violence Alliance's (NoVA)  "No Violence Awareness Day" was a great success, bringing together numerous students to learn about sexual violence and human rights both in Morocco, as well as the wider world. NoVADa...Read more