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Abell 39 Nebula taken from Al Akhawayn Astronomical Observatory was selected photo of the day on AAPOD2

Abell 39 nebula was successfully photographed on May 24, 2020, by amateur astronomer Aziz Kaouach who was able to couple observations from the Al Akhawayn Astronomical Observatory (AAO) and the Moroccan Astrophotographer...Read more

Al Akhawayn University and the American University of Cairo Discuss COVID-19, Herd Immunity, and the West & Women in the Arab World

Al Akhawayn University participated in a virtual interinstitutional project of dialogue and exchange with the American University of Cairo, through ZOOM. The online course was a great opportunity for AUI and AUC students...Read more

The International Conference of Social Sciences 7th edition on “the public sphere and the political dimensions of space”

Al Akhawayn School of Humanities and Social Sciences (SHSS) organized, in partnership with the Konrad-Adenauer-Stiftung Foundation, the 7th edition of the International Conference of Social Sciences, on May 30 to May 31,...Read more

The Student Government Association's Crucial Role during the Lockdown

Since the start of the CoVID-19 lockdown measures in Morocco, Al Akhawayn Student Government Association (SGA) worked closely with the university’s administration to help students in these challenging times and to adap...Read more

Al Akhawayn partner of the project “MEDiterranean Countries - Towards Internationalization at Home” funded by the EU

 Fourteen European and southern Mediterranean universities, including Al Akhawayn University in Ifrane, recently launched the MED2IaH project "MEDiterranean Countries - Towards Internationalization at Home". MED2IaH is ...Read more