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AUI mourns the loss of Professor Abderrahmane El Moudden.

Professor Abderrahmane El Moudden, one of the top Moroccan historians, died this week (August 2nd) at the age of 72 in Doha, Qatar, where he was teaching as a visiting professor at Doha Institute. He inaugurated the teac...Read more

Internal Audit at AUI. Leading the Way in Moroccan Higher Education

 The mission of the Office of Internal Audit (OIA) at Al Akhawayn University in Ifrane is to enhance and protect organizational value by providing risk-based and objective assurance, advice, and insight. It contribu...Read more

Al Akhawayn University Partner of the EM4FIT Project to Foster Innovation and Talents

The Entrepreneurial Management for Fostering Innovation and Talents (EM4FIT) project has been officially launched on June 25, 2020. A virtual meeting via Zoom involved all 16 participating partners to discuss the project...Read more

Congratulations to Best Capstone Projects

Each academic year, Al Akhawayn graduating students present their senior capstones and showcase their work with the rest of the community. Although the usual in-person recognition was not possible, the desire to celebrat...Read more

Abell 39 Nebula taken from Al Akhawayn Astronomical Observatory was selected photo of the day on AAPOD2

Abell 39 nebula was successfully photographed on May 24, 2020, by amateur astronomer Aziz Kaouach who was able to couple observations from the Al Akhawayn Astronomical Observatory (AAO) and the Moroccan Astrophotographer...Read more