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University Experts

If you are a journalist and are looking for an academic or industry professional to contribute to your show or column with expert opinion on a story, look no further!

You will find below a list of experts from Al Akhawayn University who have volunteered to give their insights on current events, and answer questions to the media on their fields of expertise and on a broad range of issues.

Media professionals who wish to find experts or arrange for an interview with them need to send a request to  This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. .

If you are a journalist and cannot find an expert in the field you want, please contact us and we may be able to suggest a name that is not listed here.

If you are an Al Akhawayn academic or professional and would like to sign up for our University Experts list, please take a moment to fill out this form.


Répertoire d’Experts

Si vous êtes journaliste et vous cherchez un professionnel, professeur ou chercheur pour interview ou  pour contribuer à votre colonne ou programme, ne cherchez pas plus loin!

Vous trouverez ci-dessous une liste des experts de l'université auprès des medias. Nos experts se sont portés volontaires pour donner leurs points de vue sur l'actualité et répondre à vos questions en relation avec leurs domaines d'expertise et autres.

Pour organiser une entrevue avec nos experts, veuillez envoyer votre demande à  This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. .

Si vous ne trouvez pas un expert dans le domaine que vous souhaitez, veuillez nous contacter et nous vous proposerons d’autres noms qui ne figurent pas sur cette liste. 

Si vous êtes un professionnel ou professeur à Al Akhawayn et que vous souhaitez vous inscrire à notre liste d'experts universitaires, veuillez prendre un petit moment pour remplir ce formulaire.


List of Experts/Liste d’Experts


History and Religion

  • Said Ennahid
    • Languages: English and العربية
    • Areas of Expertise: Middle Eastern and North African Archaeology and History, Islamic Art History, Architecture and Urbanism, Medieval Historiography and Historical Geography, Contemporary Islamic Societies of North Africa and E-Heritage.


Politics, Religion and International Relations

  • Jack V. Kalpakian
    • Languages: English, العربية and West Armenian
    • Areas of Expertise: Water Issues, Terrorism, International Security, International Politics Economy, North Africa, Middle East and East Africa Region.
  • Nizar Messari
    • Languages: English, Français, العربية and Portuguese 
    • Areas of Expertise: International Politics, Moroccan Polities, Moroccan Foreign Policy, International Security, International Conflict Resolution, Latin American Polities and Issues.
  • Djallil Lounnas
    • Languages: English and Français
    • Areas of Expertise: Counter terrorism, AQMI, Sahel, Algeria and Middle-East
  • Katja Žvan Elliott
    • Languages: English, German, Slovene, Serbian/Croatian
    • Moroccan Politics, Gender Issues in Middle East and North Africa, Masculinities, Gender and Development


Science and Environment

  • Driss Kettani
    • Languages: English, Français and العربية
    • Areas of Expertise: NEW ICT and Good Governance, eGovernance, New Media and Democracy, The Use of Technology and Social Development.


Economy and Business

  • Karim Moustaghfir
    • Languages: English, Français, العربية and Italian 
    • Areas of Expertise: Strategic Human Resource Development, National Human Development and Economic Growth, Knowledge Management Strategies, processes and Technologies, Strategic Management, Organizational Performance Management and Measurement, Net Economics and e-Business Management, Economic Intelligence, Project Management.