Al Akhawayn University in Ifrane - Celebrating Indonesian Culture at Al Akhawayn University

Celebrating Indonesian Culture at Al Akhawayn University


Ifrane, September 28, 2012 – The Embassy of Indonesia in Morocco and Al Akhawayn student-run Courant d’Art club organized Indonesian cultural activities at Al Akhawayn campus on September 26-27, 2012. 

His Excellency Tosari Widjaja, Ambassador of Indonesia to Morocco, visited Al Akhawayn University on this occasion and met with university officials and students. 

“Al Akhawayn students showed great interaction with our team,” said the Ambassador. “Both students and our team engaged in a wonderful interaction where they both exressed appreciation for each other's cultural differences.”

Celebrating 52 years of diplomatic relationships between Morocco and Indonesia and in cooperation with Al Akhawayn University, the Embassy of Indonesia in Rabat organized a two-day activity program at Al Akhawayn with the objective of enhancing educational and cultural cooperation between the two countries. With the cooperation of the student-run Courant D’Art club, the program included a campus visit for the Indonesian delegation, and a workshop for students to learn how to play Indonesian music instruments: Angklung, Kecapi, and Gamelan. The program was crowned with a cultural music and traditional dance show where Al Akhawayn students performed with the group of musicians and dancers.  

“Strong historical ties bind Indonesia and Morocco since the middle ages,” said His Excellency Tosari Widjaja in an interview with Al Akhawayn University. “We both support each other at the level of politics, religion, education, culture, and possible trade cooperation. Promoting mainly culture and education among students in higher education institutions in Morocco such as Al Akhawayn University is essential to educating future world leaders and teaching them the importance of cultural understanding.” 


His Excellency Tosari Widjaja reflected on several historical instances that contributed to the development of good relationships between Indonesia and Morocco. He recalled Ibn Battuta, the Moroccan explorer known for his extensive travels around the world, when he visited Indonesia. He also recalled other ancient Moroccan scholars who spread Islam in Indonesia and whose books, such as Al Oujroumia and Dala'il al-Khayrat, introduced Arabic to Indonesian culture.

“Our students are exposed to a multi-disciplinary educational training that emphasizes globalization and cultural understanding,” said Cherif Bel Fekih, Vice President for Student Affairs. “We strongly believe that offering a Liberal Arts education opens the door to our students to be future global leaders aware of the values of other cultures and open to diversity.”

Al Akhawayn University has bilateral exchange program partnerships with more than 300 institutions in 50 countries across the world. A Memorandum of Understanding with Sultan Agung University in Indonesia was signed in 2010 for general cooperation and collaboration between the two institutions.