Leadership Development Institute

Meet our previous LOTY winners

2010    Association Lumière de Théatre pour la Culture et le Dévelopement' from Azrou.


2011    Al Kawthar Association for the Rehabilitation of Women of Atlas – Azrou

The association was founded in May 2009 and it  targets rural women, housewives, single mothers, and children.  It aims to improve the income of women through several activities (sewing, glass painting, cooking, making pastries…etc.) . It fights illiteracy, provides tutoring for children, and offers aerobic classes.

Number of beneficiaries in 2011 : 25 women and 20 children


2012    Associacion socio-culturelle Rimaya El Mourabitine Ait Issa – Tamahdit,  Ifrane.)

The Association is a local cooperation of fabric for women in the village ‘’ Ait Aissa Al Morabitin Ait Ibn Yakoub, Tamahdit’’. In 2012 it befitiated 70 women and 120 men with a budget of 75400MAD gathered from sponsors and the own association budget.

In collaboration with the national initiative of human development, the association organized a touristic tent to promote the local sewn products and encourage the fabric production in the region of Tamahdit.



2013   1st place:  Al Atlas pour le sport et le development humain

The organization aims to develop touristic services, sports,  culture, encourage talents in arts and sports, and sustain human actions and environment . It has participated in world campaigns and conferences about Environment, it organises sports events , programs and trips in the region.

Board Members

Moustapha Zougani – President

Rachid ElOuakri – Treasurer

Soumiya Ajhal – Secretary


 2nd  place:  Ait Tizi pour les oeuvres sociales

 The organization works in different fronts such as campaigns about the importance of cooperation, helps the blind, deaf and the handicaped, provides social help, encourages local productions and tries to relieve illiteracy . It does so by running literacy programs, sports team building, cultural competitions for children and campaigning  about the environment and planting trees,

Board Members

Mohammed Arab – President

Malki Said – Treasurer

Hebbaz Lahcen – Secretary


3rd place:  Ifrane et le monde pour le development.

The organisation provides care for women,  encourages talents (art & drama) and the sport practice .  It also campaigns about environment issues, holds sports tournaments   and Islamic and cultural competitions.

Board Members

Hammou Ajdid  – President

Hassan Ouichou – Treasurer

Idriss Asfalou – Secretary



2015     1st Place : Association Nous Enfants pour handicape


The association provides support to handicapped kids and their parents. The idea came after its president and founder, Khadija Alaoui, encountered many obstacles to give her own child the appropriate treatment due to the lack of health support for handicapped people in the region of Azrou. The association attends around 20 children, providing them with physiotherapy and physical checkups. For more information go to: https://www.facebook.com/Asso.wlidatna

2nd Place : Association des Femmes et Enfants Ruraux

Founded in 2012, the association has more than 1,000 women registered in the rural area of Meknes. They provide psychological support, training, such as sewing and cooking classes, and they also have a literacy program with 2 teachers working in their headquarters and 8 working in the rural area.  The association also advocates for women’s rights, make donations and do medical campaign.  For more information go to: