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AUI-LDI Leader of the Year Award

Description from LDI Proposal

Leader of the year award – In an effort to strengthen the relationship between and build leadership in the community surrounding AUI, the Institute will offer an annual competition and prize for the outstanding leader of an association in the Ifrane-Azrou area. Students in the Institute will help promote, select and award this honor at a ceremony during the spring semester. The money for this prize (6,000MAD recommended) will be provided by AUI.

Vision for Leader of the year award – In an effort to both strengthen the service provided by AUI to its community, and to recognize outstanding leadership regardless of status, power and position, this award will select and honor the best leader of a local association in the Ifrane-Azrou area. Criteria for the award can include: 

1.Demonstrable achievement of the association, during the leader’s service, in one or more of the following: 

a.reducing the effects of poverty, 

b.increasing literacy, 

c.increasing access to and the quality of education provided by local schools,

d.meeting the needs of orphans, those with severe physical or mental disabilities, those who are homeless, single mothers, or the elderly,

e.improving health and/or education for rural girls and women. 

2.Sustainability of the association and of its programs.

3.The level of compensation for the leader (i.e. financial need can be a factor in making this award).

4.The number and effectiveness of community members who volunteer their time to work in the association’s programs.

The award will be presented at an event on AUI campus before the end of April, 2010. The event will seek press coverage to help publicize the achievement of the honoree and his/her association. The event will seek participation of AUI senior administrators as well as local officials.

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