Leadership Development Institute

How to Join

LDI provides a co-curricular certificate program for exemplary AUI students. Student membership is limited to 30 students for the academic year. Student selection will be based on the student’s academic standing, his or her plan for completion of AUI’s community service requirement, a letter of motivation, a letter of recommendation from a faculty member, previous engagement in LDI activities, and on an interview conducted by LDI.


Who can participate?

Students from all schools and majors are encouraged to apply. 


When is the program offered?

The LDI program runs in both the Fall Semester and the Spring Semester.


What are the benefits of participating?

Students who complete both semesters of this program will receive a certificate,  a letter for their file and the completion of some of AUI's Community Involvement Program (CIP) requirements.


When do I sign up?

The application period usually occurs during late spring.


What do students say about the LDI? 

“I learned how to be a good leader, how to listen to people, and how to manage my time. I also now understand the importance of being responsible and committed. It’s a great opportunity to interact with people that you wouldn’t meet in other circumstances and made me realize that some things that are not important for me can have a huge importance for other people.”

– Hafid, Master of Art of International Studies and Diplomacy


“I learned that being a leader is to do what you say you will do and apply that statement to the different aspects of my own life. Making (fundraising) calls helped me to boost my self- confidence and my communication skills. I also learned different tips and strategies to make my tutoring sessions more interesting and effective.”

– Salma, Master of Science in Sustainable Energy Management


“The LDI has enabled me to work more on my personality, to be more confident, and to understand that hearing NO from somebody doesn’t mean that I’m not good enough, or that I don’t have what it takes to make it. The way in which we learn things is more joyful and cheerful than in a class. Having the opportunity to apply in everyday life what we learn is really useful. Being in the LDI has boosted my energy. I really like the mentoring sessions, having someone with whom I can talk and discuss things in a very casual way. These sessions help you realize things you would not realize by yourself.”

– Imane, Business Administration, Finance and Marketing


“I feel that we have become a family that gathers different members with different backgrounds, yet with one clear and strong objective. All of this has boosted my sense of self and made me a more flexible person who can interact effectively and not be afraid to start a conversation with strangers.”

–  Wiam, Engineering and Management Science