Language Center

Service Learning


The Language Center has a service-learning program that offers Language Center students the opportunity to put their learning into action to benefit their community. 


 The Language Center’s service-learning program is for students who are interested in improving their English through conversations and activities with students from Allal Al Fessi High School in Ifrane.  Students travel to the high school to engage in collaborative learning activities with high school students.  Students take an active role in the organization, implementation, and evaluation of this program throughout the semester. 

Commitment Required

Students interested in this program commit to volunteering two to three hours during weeks in which the program will run.  The commitment involves one hour of meeting at AUI to plan and reflect on the experience as well as one to two hours of service at the high school. 

Benefits Offered

The main benefit is the opportunity to improve one’s English through doing positive service for the Ifrane community.  In addition to this, students who complete the entire program will be eligible to have their hours counted toward their university service requirement. 

Goals of the Program

Language Center students improve their English abilities by working closely with students preparing for the BAC [NM1]exam.  In addition, Language Center students improve their leadership abilities through their active leadership of the program.  Language Center students become more aware of the Ifrane region and issues related to education and development in Morocco. 

Interested Students should contact their teachers or the Language Center administration for more information.