Language Center


Mission Statement

The Language Center seeks 1) to equip eligible students with the language skills necessary for success in their academic studies using materials that promote global multicultural awareness and 2) to provide tailor-made language training programs for the AUI community and other clients.

With the fostering of student learning as its primary focus, the LC provides courses and extracurricular activities designed to develop the four language skills while integrating grammar and vocabulary in a learner-centered environment.

The LC faculty is experienced, culturally diverse, and committed to professional development.  The use of modern technology and authentic materials contributes to an effective teaching/learning environment where students acquire not only the mechanics of the language but also the ability to use it in authentic contexts.

 Our Vision

The vision of the Language Center is for it to be a role model for language institutions in the Middle East and North Africa.  The LC wants to be known among students, parents, and educators for providing a stimulating academic environment and a challenging student-centered curriculum that motivates, challenges, and educates all students.

 Our Values




Equal opportunity


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