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Social Science Research Institute (SSRI)


The Social Science Research Institute’s (SSRI) main mission is to coordinate, support, conduct, and disseminate research in the Social Sciences at Al Akhawayn University in Ifrane (AUI). The SSRI, which is part of the School of Humanities and Social Sciences, works in close partnership with all AUI schools, research centers, and the larger AUI community.

The SSRI distinguishes itself from other social science research institutions in Morocco and in North Africa by building on AUI’s Mission as an English-medium, not-for-profit, state institution of higher education and research. AUI also benefits from extensive academic, administrative and financial autonomy. In addition to offering consultancy in Morocco, the SSRI aims to serve as a major research institute in Morocco with the resources and expertise to respond to bids and calls from international institutions. 

The SSRI has a strong focus on gender, political, international and development issues and contributes to current national and international initiatives and debates in all these fields. Social Sciences play a major role in better understanding the social and cultural factors in development and continue to significantly contribute to the improvement of development programs and policies.  In recent years, the focus has shifted to social phenomena through a combination of both qualitative and quantitative approaches, and social scientists have played a key role in this evolution.



In past years, SHSS faculty and students have conducted research on a number of development-related issues. These include: 

  • Public opinion survey preceding the legislative elections of 2007
  • Consultancy in preparation of a parliamentary bill pertaining to the issue of street begging as requested by the Ministry of Social Development, Family and Solidarity
  • The International Development Research Centre (IDRC) study on poverty alleviation and forest resources management
  • One project on urban planning of the town of Ifrane
  • Assessment of tourism in Essaouira
  • Impact assessment of the Hassan al-Dakhil Dam on the Tafilalt region.



ASSRI organizes national and international conferences, guest speaker series, roundtables and workshops. ASSRI provides a platform for the interaction between researchers from the different programs and schools at Al Akhawayn University and their colleagues from other national and international universities.  ASSRI also hosts visiting scholars whose research focus is on Morocco and North Africa.


Past Events

- National Conference on “the State of Social Sciences in Morocco”, May 23-24, 2014.

- International conference on “Smart Cities in North-Africa: Morocco leads the way”, June 9-10, 2014.


Upcoming events:



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