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The Information Security Division mission is mainly to develop and manage a comprehensive Information Security Program, in order to support the Information Security requirements of the University, in terms of confidentiality, integrity and availability.

The main responsibilities of staff member under this division are:

Policy and Compliance: Lead and facilitate the development of information security related policies and make sure they are adopted and enforced.

Risk Assessment: Lead and facilitate periodic risk assessments, take a proactive approach by maintaining awareness of emerging threats, vulnerabilities and staying abreast of new technology.

Administer security solutions that facilitate the company strategic business needs

Conduct security assessment and risk analysis to identify threats to the University information assets and computer ressources

Communications, Operations and Application Security: Evaluate, acquire/establish and manage technical access controls, without neglecting administrative and physical ones, in order to ensure network, system and application security, while maintaining appropriate balance between risk and cost.

Security Awareness: Lead the development and the execution of a security awareness program.

Security Continual Improvement: Establish and use key security metrics for continual improvement.


Asmae El Morabit- Information Security Engineer

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