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Information Technology Services provides you with the necessary computing tools and performances to help realize your academic research projects without having to bother with the technical complications and possible technical problems that might hinder their progress. 

These services, for a first release, consist at the following four service packages:

  • Web Hosting Service: ITS hosts servers and applications required by faculty to support their research activities. These applications are hosted on servers that are maintained on a 24x7 basis, that meet your requirements, and that are housed in a secure and environmentally sound data center.
  • Storage Service: ITS provides a web-based tool that allows researchers to upload, store, and share large research related data and documents with other researchers (within and outside the University).
  • High Power Computing Service: ITS provides High Power Computing machines which focus on providing researchers with computing power needed to solve computationally intensive problems. ITS does not provide High Performance Computing (HPC) where parallel computing is generally used. With high power computing, ITS helps in setting up for you appropriate virtual machines (VMs) that fit your computational needs in terms of memory, speed, and storage.
  • Research Consulting Service: ITS is offering a research consulting service by advising researchers on technologies, platforms or tools to help supporting their research projects. ITS can also help in combining existing resources to better fit specific projects requirements, and/or test-bed environments.

For more details about these services and on how to benefit from them, please visit this page:

Should you need any extra information, advice, or assistance, please do not hesitate to contact our Service Desk.

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