Information Technology Services   

Students Accounts

Each student owns a digital account in the AUI’s digital domain: the Network Account. This account allows access to all computers in labs, and provides each student with a personal, secure, and confidential storage space of 1 GB on a safe, backed-up server.

Students: What You Need to Know

Information Technology Services provides IT support for AUI students. It incorporates all aspects of service needed to support and fulfill the mission of providing computer resources to the University’s academic community. This includes, but is not limited to: appropriate availability and accessibility to the University’s IT Resources; current computer hardware and software technologies; and proficient technical and operational support staff.

-                 IT Support through Happy Service Desk Management System (HSDMS)

For All your IT related issues, you can contact IT Support.

-                 NetID

What is it?

The AUI NetID is a secure, efficient way for the University and its computer systems to ensure the identity of an eligible user before allowing access to potentially sensitive information. NetIDs allow access to a growing number of online services at AUI.

Your NetID allows you to get access to the following services:

-          Log on a local session on your personal computer or IT Labs computers,

-          Your SD Account,

-          Access your N-Drive Storage Space,

-          Access to the University Secure FTP Server,

-          Get Access to the wireless Network,

-          Get Access to Jenzabar web client,

How to get it?

The NetID is given to you after enrollment at AUI, at the time of your arrival here as a student

Where to get help?

Associated Policies

-          AUI Digital Accounts & Access Management Policy


  • How to get your NetID,
  • How to change your password,
  • How to reset your forgotten password,
  • AUI Password Policy,
  • Troubles Accessing your Account using your NetID.

-                 Using Jenzabar

Enrolling for Classes:

  • How to Search the Schedule of Classes
  • How to Enroll for Classes
  • How to Add, Drop, and Swap Classes
  • How to Enroll for a Class with Variable Units

Academic Advising:

  1. How to Add Clases to Your Planner
  2. How to Use Your Requirements and Planner to Enroll for Classes
  3. How to …


  • How to Edit and Update all Your Personal Information,
  • How to Set Your Privacy Preferences,
  • How to …..

-                 IBM Lotus Domino
Students at the University of Arizona are automatically given a Lotus Domino email account when creating their NetID: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. . This email address is the official means of communication between the University and students.

  • Access Lotus Web mail,
  • Get Lotus Domino Client,
  • Change your Account’s password,
  • IBM Lotus Domino FAQs.

-                 Your N-Drive Storage Space

-                 Printing, Copying, and Scanning

-                 Virus/Spyware Removal
The IT Support can assist you with protecting your computer from viruses and spyware. These services include installing and configuring anti-virus and/or anti-spyware software, and instructing you on safer computing habits.

  • How to get an antivirus for my computer
  • How to use my antivirus
  • Before contacting the Service Desk for Malware issues

    Computing Security Support Client-Side

ITS Department can assist you in instituting safe computing practices to help protect your data and personal information. This assistance includes configuring your computer to obtain regular operating system updates, installing and proper configuration of AUI’s anti-virus software and information on responsible and safe internet browsing using the University’s distributed Anti-Virus program (Symantec End Point Protection) or other virus software program provided by the user.




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