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Outgoing students

Outbound students

Programs & Opportunities for Outbound Students

Study abroad is a key part of the vast majority of AUI students’ experience. Traveling and learning in a new context brings out many new opportunities for growth and development.

These Intended Learning Outcomes of Study Abroad are not exhaustive but represent some of the learning that we hope the study abroad experience will evoke.

Following their study abroad experience, AUI students will:

  • Understand their own cultural values and be able to recognize some of their own biases;
  • Be able to consider the perspectives of other people and imagine possible reactions or misunderstandings;
  • Indicate new levels of confidence and self-reliance; and,
  • Enhance the classroom and the campus with new cultural perspectives that inform their class contributions, increase their participation and leadership in student activities, and bolster their involvement in residential life.

There are several ways for AUI students to study abroad.  All these programs are managed by the OIP and have specific policies and procedures that students should attend to carefully. AUI students can also access the OIP tab in their Jenzabar portal at for more details about these opportunities and required forms.

Bilateral Exchange Program

The bilateral exchange program is a study abroad opportunity for students wherein students have the option of attending overseas institutions with whom AUI has agreed to exchange a specified number of students each year. For example, if three students from Hannam University in South Korea come to study for a semester at AUI, then three AUI students will be able to study at Hannam University in South Korea for a semester. Typically these programs last for one semester (unless specified as year-long) and students are limited to a single program.  Some programs are full exchange (meaning AUI students pay tuition, room, and board and receive the same at the host institution), some are tuition-only, and some have more specific arrangements.

A precise list of institutions and the approximate number of places offered through each program is communicated to students each semester in a variety of ways according to a schedule that will allow the entire process to be completed in a timely manner. 

Multilateral Exchange Program

Multilateral Exchange study abroad programs are facilitated through the International Student Exchange Program (ISEP-Exchange). Students of member institutions may apply to study at other member institutions for a semester or an academic year. Students may choose up to ten overseas institutions of interest and ISEP places each participant according to preferences, language abilities, academic requirements, and space availability.

The Multilateral Exchange Program is similar to the Bilateral Exchange Program but provides a greater range of study abroad options with over 300 participating institutions in nearly 50 countries.  There is an application fee for ISEP programs, but students will pay their regular tuition, room, and meal plan to AUI. There are also direct enrollment opportunities at a number of institutions where multilateral exchange is not available.

Students applying for the bilateral and multilateral student exchange programs should generally be in strong academic standing, have completed 45 credits, and prepared to be an informal ambassador of AUI during the exchange period.

Summer Study Abroad Opportunities

Summer Study Abroad gives the student a chance to combine international experience with academic achievement during the summer months.   

AUI students can participate in the different summer study abroad opportunities as announced by the OIP or can work closely with the Study Abroad Advisors to attend an institution of their choice. 

There is a broad range of summer programs available globally with various academic, social, or personal benefits possible. 

Planned Educational Leave

Planned Educational Leave (PEL) is a study abroad option granted to students who are in good standing at AUI with a GPA of above 2.0 and no disciplinary issues. This experience is available during the summer or for up to a maximum of two consecutive semesters. 

Students going on Planned Educational Leave must contact the OIP to obtain the necessary forms to be completed. Completing these forms is a necessary component of the study abroad process, as it allows the OIP to monitor and assist students attending different programs. 

If you are interested or have questions about any of these programs, please contact the Outbound Advisor at  This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. , call ext. 2065, or feel free to stop by the Office of International Programs in Building 10.